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Clive Sutton CS850R Preview

Quelle: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

High-performance and luxury car specialist Clive Sutton has launched the CS850R, a track-focused version of the UK’s most powerful Mustang. Based on the company’s 859PS (847bhp) CS850GT Mustang, the new model features a series of enhancements that fine-tune the car for spirited on-road and track driving. The most significant upgrade is a new Torsen differential, which optimises mechanical drive from both rear wheels. This enhancement delivers more grip under aggressive acceleration, plus greater feel and finesse when pushing hard, or engaging a power slide. The Sutton team has fine-tuned the final drive gear ratio from 3.55 in the CS850GT to 3.37 in the ‘R’ version to make each gear slightly shorter. This revision makes the car more eager at launch and when pushing out of a corner, while hard acceleration feels faster and more aggressive. In addition to making the Sutton Mustang sharper on track, the enhancements are designed to improve off the line performance with the manual gearbox in mind. The track-tuned CS850R also replaces the Mustang’s MagneRide suspension with Pro Active shocks and linear springs to achieve sharper input and performance when cornering.