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The new Mercedes-Benz GLC - Significantly more electric driving experience

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The high power density of the hybrid traction unit creates a permanently excited inner-rotor synchronous machine. The maximum torque of the e-machine of 440 Nm is ready from the first engine revolution and results in a high level of agility when starting and dynamic handling. Purely electric driving is possible up to 140 km/h. In the new GLC, Mercedes-Benz uses a vacuum-independent, electromechanical brake booster which, depending on the driving situation, automatically controls the flexible switch between hydraulic braking and recuperation and thus always achieves the best energy recovery. As a result, the maximum recuperation power of up to 100 kW can be achieved more frequently than with a conventional, purely hydraulic braking system. The high-voltage battery is an in-house development by Mercedes-Benz and has a total capacity of 31.2 kWh. Even if the battery is empty, it can be fully charged in around 30 minutes with the optional 60 kW DC charger. An 11 kW charger (depending on the market) for three-phase charging at the wall box is available as standard for charging on the domestic AC grid. The ISG already ensures superior performance. The system includes the 48-volt sub-board network, which enables functions such as coasting, boost or recuperation and thus significant savings in fuel consumption. In addition, the engines start very quickly and conveniently with the help of the ISG, so that the start/stop function is almost imperceptible to the driver, as is the transition from "gliding" with the engine stopped to powerful propulsion with engine power. When idling, the intelligent interaction of the ISG with the combustion engine ensures exceptionally smooth running