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New Toyota GR86 - 2.4-litre boxer engine

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The flat boxer engine with its cylinders arranged at a 180-degree angle is a characteristic feature of the new GR86. As with the previous model, it is one of the key factors for the low center of gravity of the sports coupe. While the dimensions and weight of the four-cylinder remained almost unchanged, the developers have optimized its basic structure and all components of the engine. In this way, they ensured that the durability of the engine remains unchanged despite the increased performance. In doing so, they also took into account, for example, the greater heat development due to the higher exhaust gas volume. The freely aspirating four-cylinder engine relies on two overhead camshafts and four-valve technology. The cylinder block is the same as that of the previous model, but the displacement has increased from 1,988 to 2,387 cubic centimetres. This is due to an increase in the cylinder bore from 86 to 94 millimeters