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ALFA ROMEO TONALE - The new one under test


We drive the new Alfa Romeo Tonale - a somewhat electrified Italo Mid Class SUV ALFA ROMEO TONALS! A compact premium SUV in the C segment, supported by an integrated electric motor, i.e. a mild hybrid. Our 4-cylinder 1.5 turbo petrol engine (VGT) has 160 hp. The turbo petrol engine delivers 240 Nm, which is supported by a 48V electric motor with an additional 20 hp. According to Alfa Romeo, the Tonale is the first production vehicle in the world that can run an NFT protocol. These non-fungible tokens as part of the blockchain technology like Bitcoin are considered to be forgery-proof, so that the data, such as KM statuses, etc. can no longer be forged, which of course should significantly increase the resale value. All further information in the video