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The new Mercedes-AMG ONE - powerful and functional

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The front view is characterized by the large black front apron, whose various air intakes extend across the entire width of the vehicle. The trapezoidal center section bears a large, white AMG logo. Above this is the Mercedes star on the body. It is designed in the form of an artistically and technically perfect airbrush motif - by a specialist in the UK. The AMG-typical A-wing under the center section sets another characteristic accent and merges seamlessly into the fenders. Large air inlets dominate on the left and right, which are framed by U-shaped air deflection elements and are each divided by two black transverse fins. Flat LED headlights blend seamlessly into the body contour. The black air outlets in the front hood direct the warm air flow around the driver's cab to the side. This allows fresh air to flow unhindered via the driver's cab into the intake tract on the roof. The active flaps on the front diffuser influence the aero performance on the front axle and ensure a good aero balance. The active ventilation slots (so-called louvres) in the front wheel arches also increase the contact pressure on the front axle