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Defender Works V8 Trophy II - Land Rover presents exclusive special edition of its legendary classic - Inspired by adventure and curiosity

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

Land Rover Classic pays homage to a legend with a special edition limited to 25 units: The Defender Works V8 Trophy II embodies the great heritage of the classic series, which in its almost 70 years of construction, it has covered practically every corner of the earth under its four driven wheels. The Defender was and is the first choice for adventurers, researchers and expeditions in particular. The exclusive special model Defender Works V8 Trophy II picks up on this great heritage and recalls the great moments of the spirit of adventure, for which the Defender stands like no other series. For more than seven decades, Land Rover has been synonymous with adventure. Last but not least, one model is responsible for this unique reputation: the Defender and its predecessors from Series I to III. He has traveled paths that previously seemed inaccessible and conquered new territory in even the most remote areas. This is how the Defender became the model of choice for all adventure seekers, but also for countless explorers and explorers