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The new Mercedes-Benz GLC - The interior - modern, sporty luxury

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

Welcome to the modern, sporty luxury of Mercedes-Benz: The interior of the new GLC with the AVANTGARDE line sends out this signal even in the standard equipment. The instrument panel is clearly structured: in the upper area with a wing profile including new, flattened round nozzles reminiscent of the engine nacelles of an airplane. And in the lower area with a generous trim area that flows harmoniously into the curved center console. The high-resolution 12.3-inch (31.2-centimetre) LCD screen standing freely in front of the driver appears to be floating in front of the wing profile and trim panel. The central display of 11.9 inches (30.2 centimetres) rises seamlessly from the center console and also seems to float above the trim panel. Like the instrument panel, the screen surface is oriented slightly towards the driver. The modern, very understated door panels wrap around the instrument panel. The door center panel with integrated armrest develops from a vertical surface into a horizontal one. Similar to the design of the center console, the front area is designed as a metallic high-tech element. This can be used as a grab and pull handle and contains the switches for the power windows. Another highlight is the floating control island, in which the door opener and the operation of the seat functions are integrated