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The new BMW X7 - acoustic comfort and occupant protection at the highest level

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

An additional contribution to the exclusive driving experience in the new BMW X7 is made by the outstanding acoustic comfort. Its standard equipment includes acoustic glazing for the side windows. Interior noise levels are also reduced by effective sound insulation of the engine compartment including a second insulation level, an additional bulkhead, structural stiffeners and measures to acoustically shield cavities, rear ventilation located below the third row of seats and sound-absorbing wheel arch linings. Optimum occupant protection in the new BMW X7 is ensured by an integrated safety concept. Weight-optimized yet highly resilient support structures and precisely designed deformation paths provide ideal conditions for maintaining the stability of the passenger cell and thus the survival space for the occupants in the event of collisions of various kinds. All restraint systems are controlled by central safety electronics.