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Skoda 4×4 Winter Experience - More driving dynamics on snow and off-road

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

In Škoda's all-wheel-drive models, special electronic assistance systems help in challenging driving situations and ensure even more driving pleasure. The XDS+ system extends the range of functions of the electronic differential lock (EDS) and allows more dynamic cornering. In wintry road conditions and off-road, drivers of a Škoda 4×4 model benefit from the Snow and Offroad driving profiles and the Hill Descent Control system. Škoda Auto's all-wheel drive models feature an electronic differential lock (EDS) on the front and rear axles. It intervenes at lower speeds as soon as a wheel on the respective axle spins. The system first brakes the wheel that is spinning and then transfers more torque to the wheel with better traction. The XDS+ system also intervenes with assistance at higher speeds, thus enabling even more precise tracking during dynamic cornering. As soon as the electronics detect that one of the wheels on the inside of the bend is being relieved of too much load, the system uses the hydraulics of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system to selectively build up brake pressure at this wheel in order to restore optimum traction. The XDS+ acts as a transverse limited-slip differential and compensates for understeer in fast corners.