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The Bugatti W16 Mistral - The Design

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

For the roadster's profile, the team reinterpreted the Bugatti C-line, which traditionally characterizes the profile of the Chiron5. The line flows around the side air intakes to the top edge of the side windows, then runs three-dimensionally over the edge of the windshield. Developing this new line, which decisively shapes the visual identity of the W16 Mistral - which seems to leap forward - was no easy task. Air taken in through the side intakes is directed over the two side radiators and the rear wheels to the W16 Mistral's X-shaped taillights - an elegant reinterpretation of the Bolide6's iconic design. The air exits in the triangular free space between the X-lights. The resulting pressure gradient between the side inlets and the outlets at the rear of the W16 Mistral helps to regulate the engine's temperature even at high loads. The W16 Mistral will run in top-speed mode with minimal rear wing slope to reduce drag. The rear diffuser has been optimized for this purpose, as the downforce generated by a diffuser has only a minor effect on drag. The edge of the diffuser has been raised to increase the pitch angle and expansion ratio, maintaining the W16 Mistral's confident handling and record speed - as well as its reputation as the ultimate roadster.