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The Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX - on the Autobahn at up to 140 km/h

Quelle: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The first stage from Sindelfingen to the north-eastern border of Switzerland runs over the Autobahn 81. The VISION EQXX slips through the wind at times at up to 140 km/h . With its low drag coefficient of 0.17, it hardly offers the wind any surface to attack. The world's best aerodynamics among road-legal vehicles results from the intelligent interaction of many individual measures. Starting with the basic shape of the body, which integrates the smooth-surfaced dome of the Greenhouse and flows backwards elegantly like a drop of water. Equally advantageous in terms of low air resistance are the small frontal area of ​​2.12 m² and the reduced rear track width. It's 50mm narrower than the front, allowing the rear wheels to slipstream from the front wheels. The active rear diffuser, which extends automatically at 60 km/h, ensures better airflow and thus makes a significant contribution to reducing air resistance. The technology leader gains further efficiency benefits from its extremely low rolling resistance tires (4.7 per mille), which Mercedes-Benz created together with its development partner Bridgestone for the VISION EQXX. For comparison: The current EU tire label requires a rolling resistance of 6.5 per thousand for the best rating in class A. The EQS uses tires that are already well below this at 5.9 per mille. With the VISION EQXX, Mercedes-Benz is now going one step further. A striking feature is the new tire size 185/65 R 20 97 T, which stands for a large diameter with a narrow tread. The special Turanza Eco tires combine two innovative technologies from Bridgestone that enable a longer range: ENLITEN technology reduces rolling resistance and weight by up to 20 percent. The ologic technology reduces the deformation of the tire while driving - among other things through a more tightened tire belt. In addition, the flow transition from the tire to the rim was optimized in cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz aerodynamics team