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The MINI Concept Aceman - Expressive exterior colors for a lively vehicle character

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The youthful, lively character of the MINI Concept Aceman is underscored by an expressive paint finish for the body and a stylishly coordinated contrasting color for the roof. The bodywork paintwork in the variant Icy Sunglow Green, a light turquoise tone with a golden flop, has shading that varies in intensity depending on the incidence of light and perspective. In this way, it impressively traces the subtle three-dimensionality of the surfaces and lines on the exterior. The roof of the MINI Concept Aceman is painted in the traditional British Racing Green metallic colour. Similar to the roof, the dark green surrounds on the lower edge of the body and on the wheel arches create an attractive contrast to the light exterior color. Neon green splashes of color create a lively depth effect