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The New Honda Civic Type R - Performance Driven Engineering Advancements

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The Civic Type R is known for its powerful, revving and responsive engines. The new model builds on the technology of its predecessor and has been further developed for even better performance. The revised turbocharger now features a compact housing to improve the overall efficiency of the unit. On the turbo itself, both the number of vanes and the shape have been optimized to further increase performance and improve airflow. The result is the most powerful VTEC TURBO engine ever used in the Type R. The revised exhaust system also helps to further increase the power-to-weight ratio, torque and top speed. The numerous optimizations make the new Civic Type R one of the most powerful vehicles per liter in its class. The further developed six-speed manual transmission makes drivers feel directly connected to the vehicle. The automatic speed adjustment always ensures the perfect speed when downshifting and supports the balance of the vehicle when entering corners. The transmission is controlled by a high-strength gear lever with an optimized shift pattern, ensuring safe and precise gear changes