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New Toyota GR 86 - Lightweight and High Strength Chassis

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

Outstanding handling characteristics were considered a key feature of the GT86. Its successor, the more powerful GR86, is now appearing and raising the bar even higher in terms of driving dynamics. The chassis and body have been extensively optimized for this. Lightweight and high-strength materials provide additional rigidity while reducing weight. Additional reinforcements can be found in key areas. On the front axle, additional diagonal cross members are used at the connection points between the suspension and the vehicle frame. They improve load transfer from the tires and reduce lateral deflection. The higher rigidity of the torque box results in more efficient load transfer to the rocker panels. High-strength brackets connect the frame and suspension together. The bonnet features a new diagonal inner frame that replaces the previous honeycomb design. All in all, these measures increase the lateral rigidity of the front body by 60 percent. In the rear area, a continuous ring structure brings the upper and lower chassis together. Similar to the front of the vehicle, new connecting elements between the frame and suspension improve handling when cornering at high speed. The merger of the interior paneling with the vehicle platform ensures a continuous frame structure. The overall torsional rigidity of the body has increased by 50 percent