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Seat - Five range tips for your e-car

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The holiday is just around the corner, but many drivers inside hesitate to embark on a long journey with their e-car. They fear range losses due to the high temperatures and the heavy load on the battery. The Spanish challenger brand shows what you should consider when temperatures are high and how the CUPRA Born helps to save the battery and reach your destination relaxed with pleasant interior temperatures. First of all: If you make the right preparations and observe the following tips when driving, you will also come to appreciate the electric car as a reliable companion for vacation trips. Good for the battery and the environment: pre-cooling the interior The vehicle's air conditioning puts a lot of strain on the battery. Anyone who cools down the car significantly while driving in high summer temperatures demands the energy storage accordingly. Heat pump: a support of the system The heat pump, available as an option for the CUPRA Born, can support the air conditioning in both winter and summer. Recuperation: more range through braking Recuperation is a technical process for recovering energy. As soon as you take your foot off the accelerator or even brake, the electric motor acts as a generator. The name says it all: "Range" driving profile Selecting the right driving profile can also help to save energy and maximize range in hot temperatures. The right tire pressure: save energy and increase safety Regularly checking the tire pressure – especially before long journeys – can also optimize the range