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ŠKODA FABIA RS Rally2 - technical highlights of the new rally car

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

In the new FABIA RS Rally2, ŠKODA Motorsport relies on numerous components that have been optimized for use in rallies. A special brake system and a particularly well-balanced chassis set-up save valuable tenths of a second on the track. The safety cage made from a total of 35.8 meters of tubular steel and a specially protected fuel tank ensure a high level of safety on board. The electronics and the controls meet the exact requirements of the driver and co-driver during a rally. Some of the components used in rally vehicles differ significantly from their counterparts in production vehicles. Instead of up to nine airbags and numerous electronic assistance systems as in the production FABIA, the new ŠKODA FABIA RS Rally2 relies on pure mechanics in many areas. There are also special components on board, such as a safety cage and a specially protected fuel tank. Unlike a production FABIA, the rally version only uses sensors for engine control and for displaying brake pressure, steering wheel position and fuel level. The sensors only serve to provide information; unlike in the production model, they do not take on any control functions. Only the engine control unit uses sensor data to ensure that the engine works optimally in all driving modes and in different weather conditions