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The new DS 3 - Diva Red - the sensuality of an exclusive red developed after years of research

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

Since the unveiling of the electrified Wild Rubis concept car at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013, the "Colours, Materials & Finishes" team has been working on the production of a red color unique to DS Automobiles. In China and in Europe, the Wild Rubis color, which consists of eleven superimposed layers that are applied twice and do not contain any colored paint, had made a great impression. Since then, more than forty different versions have been produced to achieve the unique Diva Red of the new DS 3. The color benefits from the latest technology in grinding pigments for greater saturation, thanks to its remarkable three-layer treatment with a deep color, a semi-transparent layer and a protective varnish, to highlight the intensity of the red and emphasize the so-called flop effect (in which the variation of color and brightness depends on the viewing angle).