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The new Volkswagen ID.3 - Modern and intuitive operating concept

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The new ID.3 features the latest generation of software. This improves system performance and is capable of receiving updates over-the-air. The compact driver display with a screen diagonal of 13.4 centimeters (5.3 inches) is controlled via the multifunction steering wheel. In the center of the console is the now standard 30.5-centimeter (12-inch) touch display for navigation, telephony, media, assistance systems and vehicle setup. Many customer wishes were also taken into account in the menu structure. Among other things, it now has a tidier structure and the charging menu is now located on the first level of the touch display. The optionally available augmented reality head-up display (AR head-up display) provides information on speed and dynamic navigation instructions, among other things, which are reflected in the windshield. For the driver, they appear to appear at a distance of ten meters in front of the vehicle - correct in perspective and unambiguous.