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The S-Class from Mercedes-AMG - Seven AMG driving programs

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The seven AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programs "Electric", "Comfort", "Battery Hold", "Sport", "Sport+", "Smooth" and "Individual" are precisely tailored to the new drive technology. They thus offer a wide-ranging driving experience - from efficient to dynamic. The driving programs adjust important parameters: the response of the drivetrain and transmission, the steering characteristics, the suspension damping or the sound. The boost output of the electric motor also depends on the respective driving program. It can be selected via the display in the center console or the AMG steering wheel buttons. However, one thing is the same for all programs: the electric motor's peak power can be called up quite simply via the kick-down function. The haptic accelerator pedal provides a tangible pressure point that the driver's foot has to overcome. As standard, the performance hybrid starts silently ("Silent Mode") in the "Comfort" driving program (USA: "Electric") when the electric motor is switched on. The "Ready" icon in the instrument cluster signals that the vehicle is ready to drive. In addition, a powerful, sonorous start-up sound typical of AMG is emitted into the interior via the vehicle's loudspeakers as acoustic feedback that the vehicle is ready to drive. A light tap on the accelerator pedal is all it takes for the AMG Performance Hybrid to start moving.