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The S-Class from Mercedes-AMG - The innovation boost - direct cooling of the battery cells

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The basis for the high performance of the AMG 400-volt battery is direct cooling: a high-tech coolant based on an electrically non-conductive liquid flows around all 1,200 cells and cools them individually. Each battery needs a defined temperature for optimum power output. If the energy storage system gets too cold or too hot, it temporarily loses noticeable power or has to be turned down to avoid damage if the heat level is too high. Uniform temperature control of the battery therefore has a decisive influence on its performance, service life and safety. Conventional cooling systems, which cool only with air or the entire battery pack indirectly with water, quickly reach their limits. If the thermal management system does not perform its function optimally, there is a risk of premature aging of the battery. For direct cooling, the AMG team had to develop new cooling modules only millimeters thick. Around 30 liters of coolant circulate from top to bottom through the entire battery past each cell with the help of a specially developed electric high-performance pump. In the process, they also flow through an oil/water heat exchanger attached directly to the battery. This dissipates the heat into one of the vehicle's two low-temperature (NT) circuits. From there, it continues to the NT cooler at the front of the car, which dissipates the heat to the ambient air. The system is designed to ensure even heat distribution in the battery.