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The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E PERFORMANCE - 70 kW continuous power and 150 kW at peak

Quelle: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The high-performance battery in the C 63 S E PERFORMANCE offers a capacity of 6.1 kWh, 70 kW continuous power and 150 kW peak power for ten seconds. The low weight of just 89 kilograms enables the very high power density of 1.7 kW/kg. By comparison, conventional batteries without direct cell cooling manage about half this value. Charging takes place via recuperation or the installed 3.7 kW on-board charger with alternating current at a charging station, wallbox or household socket. The battery is designed for fast power output and consumption and not for the longest possible range. Nevertheless, the electric range of 13 kilometers enables a practical operating radius, for example for quiet and all-electric driving from the residential area to the outskirts of town or to the highway.