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Near Amtzell: Two people seriously injured in accident on the B32

Quelle: ALL-IN.DE (Glomex)

Due to a failed turnänover, there was a serious traffic accident on the B32 near Amtzell on Friday night around 22:30. Two people were seriously injured. According to the police, a "local driver" of a VW wanted to turn around in the area of a bus stop, because she had missed the exit before. However, she did not manage to turn in a train. Therefore, in order to continue maneuvering, she stopped half in the bus stop and half on the roadway. The driver of a Skoda recognized this too late. There was a serious collision between the two vehicles. Two people seriously injured The 64-year-old Skoda driver and a 25-year-old female passenger of the VW suffered serious injuries. "The five other occupants of the VW remained uninjured with current knowledge," police said. The two cars were total economic damage estimated at 40,000 euros. B32 closed for two hours For the care of the injured, for the accident investigation and for the recovery of the vehicles, as well as cleaning of the roadway, the B32 remained fully closed in the affected area for about two hours. Several ambulances, an emergency doctor, three vehicles of the volunteer fire department and two police crews of the accident investigation service and the Ravensburg police department were deployed at the accident site.