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Focus on Fürth: The traditional beer tasting before the start of the Michaelis Kärwa


Not only the people of Fürth have been itching for a long time - finally it's that time again on Saturday - finally it's Kärwa again in the cloverleaf city. Strolling through the streets, feasting or riding a merry-go-round - that's what we've been looking forward to for a long time. And of course also to the beer. The festival märzen has now been presented. There was plenty of beer at the traditional beer tasting before the start of the Michaelis Kärwa. This year, a special malt beverage was brewed especially for the street fair. However, it takes time to decide on the Kärwa beer - and a whole 5 weeks. Lord Mayor Thomas Jung was allowed to open the beer tasting with the traditional beer keg tapping. The festival beer in comparison If you compare the festival beer with a "normal" beer that is served at the Michaelis Kärwa, it is striking: The Kärwa beer is slightly malty and spicy, with an alcohol content of 5.6 percent. The original wort is about one seventh. Ammerndorfer Hell, on the other hand, is mild and finely spicy, with an alcohol content of 4.6 percent and an original wort of 13.4 percent. Kärwa-märzen should therefore not be enjoyed without a base. If the alcohol content of the festival beer is too high for you, there are also around 40 other types of beer at the Michaelis Kärwa. However, beer lovers must expect a higher price. The Michaelis Kärwa in Fürth kicks off on Saturday with the ceremonial tapping of the beer. Then all beer lovers can convince themselves of the new brew.